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By Lorenzo Natali

This publication brings the visible size of environmental crimes and harms into the sphere of eco-friendly criminology. It exhibits how photographic pictures provides a way for eliciting narratives from those that dwell in polluted parts – describing intimately and from their viewpoint what they recognize, imagine and suppose in regards to the truth during which they locate themselves residing. Natali makes the argument for constructing a visible process for eco-friendly criminology, with a unmarried case-study as its imperative concentration, revealing the significance of utilizing picture elicitation to understand and improve the reflexive and energetic function of social actors within the symbolic and social building in their environmental reports. reading the a number of interactions among the photographs and the phrases used to explain the socio-environmental worlds within which we are living, this publication is a decision to open the eyes of eco-friendly criminology to wider and richer explorations of environmental harms and crimes. An cutting edge and fascinating research, this article will be of specific curiosity to students of environmental crime and cultural, eco-friendly and visible criminologies.

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Despite the untiring work of an association that fights for the gradual recovery of the polluted areas (“La Mesa de la Ría”), neither 22 A VISUAL APPROACH FOR GREEN CRIMINOLOGY a common knowledge of the problem nor a common course of action can be found among the inhabitants. Living in a polluted environment is, in fact, an extremely complex experience built from many interacting spheres: from the personal to the social as far as the political. The result of this interaction is often a slow, gradual process of “attuning,” through which the inhabitants of these places, with the passage of time, negotiate the contaminated reality, though still in conflict about the interpretation, the seriousness and the responsibilities related to it.

Finally, from an ethical-political perspective, a qualitative research such as this renders visible and audible stories and life contexts that are often thought marginal (Frisina 2013: 10) or that are frequently considered unworthy of the attention of mainstream criminology. A SITUATION OF ORGANIZED IRRESPONSIBILITY Situated in southwestern Spain, Huelva is a town heavily polluted by the presence of a massive industrial complex, established at the beginning of the 1960s and composed of a great number of chemical and energy facilities.

There are further questions that emerge from an empirical investigation on environmental harms like the one proposed: Who decides what is just and unjust? Which voices are listened to and what evidence is considered credible? Which languages are privileged or, on the contrary, disqualified in relation to environmental harms? How are dissenting voices silenced? , Heckenberg and White 2013: 96–102; Natali 2013a; Cianchi 2015). 2 A CASE OF ORGANIC RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CITY AND CONTAMINATION 27 To undertake an empirical research of this magnitude requires a peculiar sensitivity for the situation on the part of the researcher.

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