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Ethical economic climate, as a collection of ideas which keep an eye on industry transactions, has been the thing of a lot study and debate because the 1980's. Classical sociological authors reminiscent of Weber, Simmel, and Toennies additionally handled this topic, although Weber specifically dwelt at the principles of the ethical financial system within the monetary markets. This paintings sheds mild on Weber's contribution, as special from these of Simmel and Toennies, formulating types of industrial family, one oligopolistic and the opposite in keeping with loose festival, and indicates the results on competitiveness on the earth industry that stream from the superiority of the only version or the opposite. The behavior of actors in monetary markets is usually accounted for, making connection with Weber's writings at the London and Berlin inventory Exchanges, and to investigations on modern monetary markets

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It is however possible to defend the opposite thesis. Empirical inquiries carried out in keeping with the ecological theory of organizations, and concerning large organization superiority, have produced conflicting results. In general, it is not known how stability or instability factors may have an effect (whatever it may be) on the stability or instability of organizations and their populations. A better empirical confirmation has received the assumption, according to which, once a change has started, organizations tend to maintain their current behaviors and orientations.

Therefore, these notions are not sufficient to defend the thesis of a greater competitive ability of an organizational business population in which organizations relate to one another according either to the “English” or to the “German” model. Large corporations’ ability Economic Communities, Business Milieux and Business Groups 25 to control their environment, by making its change gradual and opening themselves to innovation, may put themselves in the position—since these corporations, or business groups do not specialize in particular products— to close the production niches in which small firms are competitive.

On the other hand, the board of a chaebol that—although keeping a “patrimonial” nature—due to the lack of persons with the required parental or personal qualifications, and/or objective management requirements, integrates its ranks with managers provided with educational credentials produces in this way two separate and incompatible sets of rules, norms and knowledge, thereby showing that within the group the organizational field is profoundly divided. It becomes then increasingly difficult to carry out transactions with foreign partners, not because they necessarily attribute great importance to those rules (since some of the partners may prove unreliable), and not only because “patrimonial” standards remain relevant in chaebol management and involve economic inefficiencies that unfavorably affect prices, considering that chaebols hold relevant power positions on the South Korean domestic market.

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